Why is it so hard to find a work at home job? Everything is remote data entry. Help!

It’s true that  there are a number of remote job openings for lower-skilled, low paying positions such as data entry but for some people this is a good thing. Not everyone has additional professional qualifications or is looking for another primary job. For professional job seekers like yourself, there are plenty of high-paying skilled jobs openly advertised on job boards.

Just going to Glassdoor and doing an open search for “Remote (Work From Home), US” produced 4,624 jobs. A solid number of those require minimal professional qualifications and the better your qualifications, the more options you have.

Most of the remote job seekers I mentor are able to locate one new remote job a day to apply to using just a few remote/work from home job sites and land a 100% work at home job they are happy with within a few weeks.

The more dedicated job seekers go directly to the career pages of the remote companies they most want to work for and use alert services like Wachete – Monitor web changes to monitor the pages for new jobs.

To get help your search, here’s a Google Sheet of remote work job sites with reviews.

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Gregory Sherrow


Entrepreneur, nutjob runner and remote employment advisor/trainer for individuals, managers and entrepreneurs.

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