Top 5 Work From Home Tips

Top 5 Work From Home Tips

best tips for working from home

You did it! You are working from home and living the dream. You are an inspiration to your friends and your enemies are steaming. Now what? Find out how to stay productive and focused at home with these five great tips.

Forget the traditional desk
Sitting at a desk all day, even at home, is not good for your body, concentration or happiness. Try relocating every 45 minutes or hour. Move to the couch, prop yourself up in bed, stand up at the kitchen counter or sit outside. Anywhere is better than just slumping over a desk.

Pick a system and stick to it
There are a few good productivity systems out there to choose from. Personally, I like The Pomodoro Method (opens in new tab). It fits in well with the timing of moving around and I find that it greatly increases my productivity and focus.

Work at your peak times
When you are your most awake and fresh is when the bulk of your best work gets done. Don’t squander your best hours by answering email or catching up on Twitter. Figure out when your peak times and your worst times are for concentration and schedule your work accordingly.

Regularly reconnect with others
Sequestering yourself may help get more work done in the short term but it’s not sustainable. Connect to your remote co-workers through video chat (Google Hangouts, Skype, etc) and mix in some chatter about non-work topics while you figure out how to get past your project roadblocks. Not only will it help keep your spirit up, it will increase the cohesiveness of your team.

Get out of the house
At least once a week, go work from somewhere else. Try the library, a cafe, shared workspace or the park. This can help you stay connected to others while taking away habits and distractions that steal your valuable time at home.

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Gregory Sherrow

Entrepreneur, nutjob runner and remote employment advisor/trainer for individuals, managers and entrepreneurs.

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