How Do You Pick Remote Work Tools That Scale

How Do You Pick Remote Work Tools That Scale

How to pick scalable remote team tools

By Guest Author: Erin MacDonald

As any company grows, it requires the right set of software tools that can keep up. Remote working companies are no exception.

Staying organized and being able to communicate is key within a growing distributed team and if you don’t have the right technology, growing pains can escalate into something a lot worse. While your current software tools may be sufficient now, how can you be sure they will be up to the task three years from now?

Identify Your Needs
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for remote working tools. The best place to start is to identify the requirements of your business, and envision how those needs may evolve in a larger team.

Project management, file sharing, accounting, and collaboration needs can shift dramatically as a team grows. For example, while Skype may work for a team of 5, it won’t suffice for an online meeting with 50 people.

Pick a Foundation
There are a lot of different software tools that can work for your remote company. But as a company grows, it is crucial to have a strong IT foundation that can scale.

Platforms such as Google (G Suite) and Slack can serve as that foundation as they easily integrate with other apps and tools. For example, you can integrate your accounting software with G Suite, or your email marketing service with Slack.  

Do some research to see which tools integrate with each platform and decide based on which of those tools you may need to use in the future.

Document all Processes
As busy as you are, this might not seem like a high priority task, especially if your small team knows how to handle each tool. But documenting processes and procedures can be a lifesaver when growth takes off.

Properly storing this information will ensure that any employee who needs to know how to use a tool will be able to do so quickly. Make sure to document any needed approvals before a task is completed, and update the procedures regularly as your team shifts or the software updates.

Start Now
The best thing you can do to prepare for a growth is to give some thought to software tools today. Many of the platforms mentioned above are free, or offer free trials, so test them out to get a feel for how each one operates before committing your business to it. Choosing a scalable platform will not only allow your remote business to grow, but can actually help it to grow too.

YonderWorkErin MacDonald is a contributing blogger at YonderWork. She is currently based in beautiful New Hampshire, but plotting her next move.

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