How do I make applying online work for me?

How do I make applying online work for me?

how to make applying online work for you

Online job sites are helpful when seeking a job but they won’t get you very far if you rely on them alone. Once you locate an open position that you are qualified for, you should go ahead and follow the instructions for applying exactly as they are written. Be certain that you don’t miss a step or leave out any required information. However, you aren’t going to stop there.

In order to be one of the few who actually land an interview, you need to reach out to the appropriate person in the company directly. Research who is mostly likely the supervisor over the position you are applying for. This may seem difficult at first but it really isn’t. You can usually find the right person’s name and contact information within 5 to 10 minutes. Start with the company’s contact us or about us pages then try searching Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Once you have an email address that seems most likely, send an email with your resume attached and explain how you are the perfect candidate for the job. Also let them know that you followed the instructions in the job ad but you were so interested in the job that you wanted to speak to the person over the position directly.

If you are feeling apprehensive about reaching out personally to the company you just applied to, remember that if you did get the job the person on the other end will likely be your new supervisor. Why not start talking to them now?

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