Do Millennials Make Good Remote Employees?

Do Millennials Make Good Remote Employees?

Do Millennials Make Good Remote Employees?

As someone who has hired plenty of professionals to work remotely, I try never to stereotype about anything. As for the business and marketing sector’s habit of pigeonholing people into generational groups, I try avoid it by never guess about an applicant’s age based on when they graduated, how long their professional career extends back through time, etc. I want to know how well you can do the job I need done, not whether you remember who the Human League was or if you have only known a world with Facebook.

I was asked pointedly if Millennials make good remote employees compared to other stereotyped generational groups. My first thought was that no one group is better or worse at working from home. There are so many other telling signs I rely on to let me know if someone can hack a long haul as a remote employee that I don’t even consider generational association as a plus or minus.

So I thought back over all the new hires I had a hand in over the last several years. If I compare the obvious stereotypically millennial employees (I know, I know, what really is a millennial???) against the others, I did find a difference. The Millennial hires more often than not, had the mindset and additional skills necessary to be successful when working from home long-term. It’s not a scientific study and I am proof that non-millennial remote workers can also be very successful from home over a long period of time. So make of it what you will.

Why did they do slightly better? I have theorized that it’s the expectation of fluid connectivity via multiple channels. More than any other generation before, millennials think nothing of working closely with people for years, friending them on FB, following their feeds, chatting late into the night, etc and never once meeting them in person.

Some employees, yours truly excepted, who spent the majority of their professional careers in an office don’t adapt to working from home even if they have the best of intentions. Maybe millennials have the edge because many consider spending all your time in an office the odd thing to do instead of the norm?

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Gregory Sherrow

Entrepreneur, nutjob runner and remote employment advisor/trainer for individuals, managers and entrepreneurs.

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