Do companies still provide a computer and phone for remote work?

Do companies still provide a computer and phone for remote work?

Do you have to supply your own computer to work from home?

I probably hear this question at least once a week on average coming from current remote workers who think they are receiving a bum deal, office-trapped professionals looking for a better life and my parent, who can’t remember what they ask me from week to week.

In the dozen years or so that I have been working remotely as a professional in the tech industry, I have seen a few trends build over time. One of these is how managers and CEOs of companies employing a partial or fully remote workforce view their valuable distant employees. There was a time when remote workers (work from home, telecommute, telework, nomad, etc) were thought of as satellite offices sprinkled around the country and the world. When hired you would find a pile of Fedex boxes on your doorstep containing every office contraption short of a watercooler. You were expected to recreate their office in your house.

My wife experienced this as a remote editor for a large publisher. Within a few days of her bondage in the virtual slave galley that is publishing (if you have never worked in publishing and want to know why this is an accurate analogy, go to your nearest dive bar, find the most permanent alcoholic denizen swaying on a barstool at the far end and ask them. If it is just beer they are drinking, they worked in magazines/periodicals. If they are downing a beer and a bump then they were an editor for a newspaper or an expensive daily B2B newsletter–but I digress), she received the following…


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