Can I work from home?

Can I work from home?

how do I work from home

Work at home jobs are out there if you know where to look and there are tricks that will put you at the head of the queue, but in the end some people can’t adapt to working from home as well as they thought they could.

In 10 years of working from home and hiring people to do the same, I have found that if someone can last past a year then they will probably keep telecommuting happily for years to come. Those who try working from home then quit because they don’t like it, do so within the first year, especially within 6 months.

Will you quit in the first year?

  • Coworkers=Friends — If your circle of friends is only made up of people who you currently work with, you are going to be very lonely. When you work from home this source of new friends vanishes.
  • Water cooler denizens — If the highlight of your day is chatting with your co-workers around the water cooler or coffee machine, you will hate working at home. No one else is hanging out next to the coffee machine in your kitchen.
  • “Squirrel!” people — If you are as distractible as a dog when someone yells “squirrel!” you are not going to get any work done. In your house, the laundry needs doing, there’s dust everywhere, people come to the front door and no one else is there to force you to work. If you can’t focus on getting the job done on your own, you will not make it.

Why you will stay

Those who start a work at home job and find that telecommuting is a dream come true are hesitant to leave for an office job when the going gets tough. Working in your bathrobe is addictive, the flexibility can’t be beat and there can be a lot of cost savings in working from home.

I have seen telecommuters tough out some rough times that would have driven office workers to another job at the office park down the road in a heartbeat. Is this bad? It can be if the situation doesn’t have ups to go along with the downs. However, a lot of telecommuters consider the basic fact that they are being paid to work from home such a big “up” that it takes a lot of “downs” to force a change.

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