Benefits of Working from Home in a Telecommuting World

Benefits of Working from Home in a Telecommuting World

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By Guest Author: Karalyne Blevins

As the working community continues to evolve and grow, more opportunities arise for workers and employers. A remote job can offer many benefits that accommodate you and focus on the individual needs required to motivate you to reach your highest potential. Whether you’re searching for employees or looking for work, a telecommuting lifestyle can change your career for the better.

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Deciding to work from home requires discipline, but nothing great has ever been accomplished without some hard work involved. With the right work ethic, you can exceed your goals and expectations.

An office at home can free up your time schedule and create flexible work hours to balance your home and work life. For example, developers and writers could put their work hours in at any time of the day as long they meet their deadlines. As for a more strict working schedule, a break at home versus a break in the office are two very different things. Instead of spending ten minutes behind your desk skimming through social media, you could refresh yourself by taking a quick power nap or even spend a few minutes waking up in the shower.

Eliminate a long commute to and from work and save yourself some money! If your office is at home, you don’t have to worry about traffic or gas money to get there. Telecommuting workers can save at least $4,172 per year between the costs of attire, food, vacations, taxes, and much more. Imagine working in your comfy pajamas all day listening to your favorite playlist, only focusing on you and your work. This can happen! An increase in your comfort levels and tolerability to your work environment will increase your motivation. Motivated workers equal happy employers!

Without a cluster of colleagues to work with, you can build up your independence and heighten your professional skills. Remote work puts most, if not all, of the responsibilities on you as an individual. As long as you follow the guidelines to your assigned job, you can use your own strategies and techniques to perform your job in the most efficient way.


Businesses that hire employees that work from home can save an average of $11,000 per year! Throwing out the costs of janitorial services, furniture, décor, food, coffee, utilities, and maintenance repairs can add up to a significant amount of spare change.

Productivity levels of your employees will likely increase due to the surroundings of their comfortable environment. Studies show that remote workers will put in more work hours compared to employees in a traditional setting and will be much more enthusiastic about their job. Not all employees can handle the responsibilities of work from home. Depending on the type of job, a remote worker can either fail or excel.

At-home employees statistically use less sick days and don’t need to take as many vacation days off of work, and as an employer, it is preferred if your workers miss as few days as possible on the job. Communication through emails and by phone are methods commonly used when it comes to working through the internet. This factor can eliminate costly expenses of business trips, which can equal up to $2,600 per person overseas.

With today’s technologies and communicating devices, it can be easy and beneficial for both job seekers and business owners to effectively telecommute. For those of you that have enough courage and determination, you may find that the remote lifestyle can be much more satisfying to you when it comes to your professional career.

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