Are there entry-level work from home jobs?

Are there entry-level work from home jobs?

get an entry-level work from home job

Almost any job that can be performed in an office, can be done from home as long as you have the right mindset and drive to work independently and without a supervisor hovering over your desk.

It sounds strange but a lot of people can’t focus without their boss nearby or their co-workers offering constant support. For those who can successfully break free of the office, working from home is amazing, but that’s not the topic of your question. You want to know how you can make a good income working from home.

How are your skills?

Are you organized? Are you comfortable on a computer using Excel, Word, Google Docs, etc? Do you know something about social media? Can you research topics online? If so there are plenty of jobs where these core skills will get you in the door. Some require experience or training in additional areas but the internet is full of training options as well. Here are a few that often have entry level and higher positions available to work from home.

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Sale Representative
  • SEO/Marketing Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Medical Coder/Remote Coder

Recently, Forbes published a list recently of the 20 most common work from home jobs (The 20 Most Common Work-From-Home Job Opportunities) and some of those appeared on the list so they are definitely out there waiting for the right candidate.

Of course, competition for these jobs is intense. Many applicants already have work from home experience. But even if you have little work at home experience or none at all, don’t worry. You can still land the job you want by gaining a little knowledge before applying.

With a couple of days’ research over coffee you can prepare yourself to sound more experienced at working from home than you currently are. Take a look at my related article with more information.

Of course, for a work from home job, this is only half the battle. Want to learn how to convince an employer that you can do the work from home? Then get an alert for my new webinar starting this summer on landing the best work from home jobs without any previous experience. Add your email below to receive an alert message before the next webinar fills up.

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